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Looking for reliable generator rentals in Qatar? Explore our wide range of high-quality generators tailored to meet your power needs. From portable to industrial-grade options, find the perfect solution for your project or event. Rent now and ensure uninterrupted power supply!

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Diesel Generator Rental Service

Diesel Generator Rental Fleet Range 20kVA to 2250kVA

Planet Engineering in Qatar offers premier Diesel Generator Rental Service, providing robust power solutions tailored to meet diverse needs across industries. Our comprehensive fleet boasts top-of-the-line diesel generators, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for projects, events, or emergencies. Our services are backed by expert technicians and responsive customer support, guaranteeing peace of mind and operational excellence.

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Rentals Specialities

Efficient Power Management: Diesel Generator Synchronization, Hertz Conversion and Remote Control for Seamless Operation.


The process of aligning multiple diesel generators to operate in parallel and share the electrical load seamlessly.


The adjustment of generator engine speed to achieve the desired frequency output, typically 50 or 60 Hertz, for efficient power generation.

& Remote Control

The capability to monitor and manage generator operations from a distance, often utilizing remote communication technologies.

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Empowering Industries: Generator Hire Services Catering to Diverse Sectors

Back up and temporary power generation across Qatar.

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Generator Hire Accessories Includes

The accessories provided with our diesel generator hire service are as per client requirements for rented generator units.